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Eight Tips on Garbage Truck Maintenance for New Haulers

Are you new to garbage truck maintenance? These vehicles require regular upkeep for optimal operation, and utility vehicle repair poses some challenges that are unique to this type of truck. To keep your vehicles in top shape, use the following tips on garbage truck maintenance. Develop a preventive maintenance program Regular servicing is key to […]

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The Benefits of Having a Good Relationship with Your Mechanic

It’s always smart to be a savvy shopper, but when it comes to searching for a trusted mechanic to work on your heavy-duty vehicle, you need to have complete trust in the person who’s working under the hood. It’s best to establish a continuing relationship with your mechanic rather than shopping around for the best […]

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What Is Fleet Maintenance Management and Why Is It Important?

If you have company-owned vehicles, you have a fleet. Whether they’re forklifts, pickup trucks, trailers or company cars, fleet maintenance is crucial in Lexington, OR. Keeping your fleet well-maintained is the key to its longevity. Unfortunately, many companies underestimate the need for regular fleet maintenance—especially the importance of hiring an outside company to do the […]

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