Eight Tips on Garbage Truck Maintenance for New Haulers

Are you new to garbage truck maintenance? These vehicles require regular upkeep for optimal operation, and utility vehicle repair poses some challenges that are unique to this type of truck. To keep your vehicles in top shape, use the following tips on garbage truck maintenance.

Develop a preventive maintenance program

Regular servicing is key to garbage truck maintenance. Set up a program that involves regular inspections, servicing and repairs. Determine the frequency of maintenance and stick to this schedule. For example, you may want to schedule general garbage truck maintenance every 150 or 300 miles and more extensive maintenance every 2,500 to 3,000 miles.

Create a preventative maintenance checklist

Your checklist should include a full range of inspections to cover all the systems and prevent the need for future utility vehicle repair. Be sure to include oil changes, filter changes, cooling system inspections, electrical system inspections, tire rotations, exhaust system inspections, lighting checkups, brake system inspections and more. For a complete list of garbage truck maintenance items, contact your local experts who specialize in heavy equipment repair.

Equip drivers for reporting

Drivers must complete daily inspections as part of proper garbage truck maintenance. Provide each driver with an appropriate checklist for this inspection. It should include vehicle safety systems, the truck’s interior and body, as well as other miscellaneous items such as the radio.

Perform body maintenance

The engine and other system components are not the only parts to consider for garbage truck maintenance. Be sure to keep the body in top operating condition as well. These trucks can take a beating during daily use, which puts stress on systems such as forks, rollers, pins and other moving parts of the body. Check for any cracking or other wear in metal components and make appropriate body repairs as soon as possible.

Maintain the hydraulic system

This system is essential for garbage truck performance. Inspect these parts regularly for leaks or other issues. If any problems are noted, take the truck to an experienced mechanic immediately for utility vehicle repair.

Check emissions

Emissions inspections can prevent more extensive utility vehicle repairs. Be proactive about checking emissions systems to avoid future problems. Partner with a trusted mechanic to check the emissions systems regularly.

Maintain brakes and tires

Garbage trucks require frequent stopping, so check brake systems regularly for wear and tear. Inspect tires every day for proper pressure and healthy tread depths.

Keep it clean

Clean trucks regularly, both inside and out. This will prevent debris build-up, which can interfere with truck operation. It will also keep your brand image high and help boost driver morale.

Your local truck experts

Want more tips on garbage truck maintenance? Contact the team at Bailey Heavy Equipment Repair, Inc. We specialize in utility equipment, trucks and other heavy-duty machinery. We offer on-site repair, line boring services, welding, machining, hose assemblies, steel sales and other machine products. Give us a call today with any questions about utility vehicle repair. We look forward to helping you keep your fleet in optimal condition.