Top Six Tips for Maintaining Your Utility Vehicle

Wondering how you can maintain your utility vehicle? Whether you rely on your utility vehicle just for simple transportation around your property or job site, or you use it to haul materials, proper maintenance is essential to its proper function. Luckily, keeping your utility vehicle in great shape isn’t too difficult with a little care and effort. Here are several good ways to keep your utility vehicle maintained.

Change the oil and oil filter

Your utility vehicle needs regular oil changes, just like the family car. In fact, keeping an eye on the oil is one of the most important utility vehicle maintenance tasks. Be sure to top off the oil as needed and change the oil and oil filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Take some time to check the oil levels before taking your vehicle for a ride so you never put unnecessary stress on the engine.

Change the engine air filter

Your utility vehicle won’t run as well as it should with a dirty, clogged air filter. Air filters are easily accessible, so you can check them regularly. Look closely at the filter box during your check and clean out any dirt or debris inside.

Check the coolant level

While you don’t need to check the engine coolant before every ride, try to stick to a regular schedule of inspection. During your check, look at the lines and fittings to make sure they’re in good condition. These little checks can prolong the life of your vehicle’s engine, keeping the seals cooled and lubricated and boosting the efficiency of the engine.

Lubricate the fittings

You should notice grease fittings, or Zerk fittings, on all pivot points of your vehicle. As long as they’re well oiled, they keep your utility vehicle running smoothly. Use a grease gun to keep your fittings lubricated, and always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for recommendations on what grease to use and where to apply it.

Maintain the battery

Many utility vehicle owners leave their vehicles parked in storage for the winter only to find that the battery’s dead by spring. Utility vehicle batteries need to charge regularly, and leaving the battery to die over the winter usually necessitates getting a new one.

If you’re storing your utility vehicle for the winter, establish battery maintenance practices to keep it charged. Be sure to check the status of the battery on a regular basis and look for corrosion around terminals. Going the extra mile to care for your battery will extend its life and prevent premature replacement.

Check the brakes

One good way to keep your utility vehicle maintained is by giving the brakes some attention. Check the brake pads’ thickness, the quality of the lines and brake fluid levels on a regular basis. If any element of the brakes appears faulty, visit your local equipment service center immediately, since functioning brakes are essential for your safety.

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