What Is Line Boring an Engine?

If you’ve researched engine manufacturing, or if you’ve spent much time around a machine shop, you’ve probably encountered the term “line boring.” If you’re not familiar with this terminology, you may wonder what exactly is line boring an engine. Here’s what you need to know.

What it is

Line boring is also referred to as align boring. This is a specific engine machining process used to make collinear bores. The bores (holes) are enlarged as needed to align them with each other and properly align the machine.

Why it’s important

Collinear bores are essential parts of many machine parts, such as turbines, engine blocks and presses. If the parts do not align perfectly, often the machines will not work properly or may not work at all. Therefore, it is necessary to use line boring to make collinear bores.

How it’s done

To create collinear bores, technicians use line boring machines. This machinery enlarges an existing hole to create perfectly straight alignment. The cutting tools used are able to create precise finishes for complete accuracy.

How long it takes

Line boring can be a complex process. While some jobs can be completed in a few hours, others require more extensive effort. In some cases, technicians must review engineering layouts and create custom line boring systems. These jobs may require several months to complete.

When it doesn’t work

After years of operation, some machinery bores become damaged or worn. When this occurs, line boring can be used to realign the machine. However, a simple widening of the bores isn’t always enough. At times, machinists must use repair sleeves to fit the bore to match other bores, rather than widen the others. This sleeve creates the necessary collinear bores for proper functioning of the machinery.

In other situations, technicians must use custom boring bars for line boring. This situation occurs when standard boring bars will not fit the machinery. This may be due to limited space or the design of the machine. In these instances, technicians create custom boring bars to fit the specific application.

Who can do it

Line boring requires in-depth knowledge of the machinery and processes involved. Only technicians who are trained in these methods should attempt to create collinear bores. If your application requires line boring, seek the assistance of a trained professional. These experts will be able to safely and effectively operate the proper machinery to accomplish the line boring required.

We know line boring

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