The Value of Preventative Equipment Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is crucial for all forms of equipment, whether it’s moving vehicles, construction equipment or equipment in machine shops. Staying on top of preventative maintenance allows you to keep your machinery in great operational condition long into the future, which is important for getting the most out of your investment.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the primary advantages of preventative heavy equipment maintenance in Lexington, OR for you to consider:

  • Less downtime: If you stay on top of your preventative maintenance, you’ll be able to avoid breakdowns that could result in equipment downtime. Equipment downtime means loss of productivity, as well as loss of dollars—you can’t make money if you can’t use your equipment. By avoiding downtime with preventative maintenance, you keep your operation moving and save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Longer equipment lifespan: Equipment needs to be properly maintained if you’re going to maximize its useful life. Over time, the small issues that pop up could quickly turn into larger ones if you do not take the appropriate steps to correct and repair them. The larger the issue, the more difficult and expensive it is to repair and the more likely it is to lead to a complete breakdown of the equipment. It will cost you far less to stay on top of your heavy equipment maintenance in Lexington, OR than it will to replace the equipment entirely.
  • Improved safety: Properly maintained equipment is safe equipment. A lack of maintenance doesn’t just increase the risk of poor-quality performance—it also results in more prevalent safety risks. Maintaining your equipment keeps you and your workers safe, and also helps you stay in compliance with all OSHA regulations so you can avoid fines and other liability issues.
  • Improved efficiency: Not only will your results be better when your equipment is well maintained, but you’ll also be able to achieve those high-quality results in a much more efficient manner. Equipment that runs efficiently costs less money to operate and produces higher quality results in the end. Stay on top of your maintenance and you will be able to ensure ongoing efficiency.
  • Fewer interruptions: In addition to less downtime, well-maintained equipment will provide fewer interruptions in general to the work you’re doing. You won’t have to worry about hiccups in operation caused by inefficient operation of the equipment, or by other small issues you’d have to work around.

While ongoing preventative maintenance does require you to be proactive and invest some labor and time into caring for your equipment, it also helps you avoid problems associated with deferred maintenance that could quickly become expensive to address. It’s better to over-maintain your equipment than to under-maintain it.

For more information about how to properly maintain your equipment and why it’s important to prioritize preventative maintenance, we encourage you to contact Bailey Heavy Equipment Repair, Inc. with any questions you have. The team at our heavy equipment repair shop in Lexington, OR looks forward to working with you soon.