What’s Your Logging Truck Maintenance Plan?

Logging trucks are omnipresent throughout Oregon, thanks to our big timber industry. Transporting heavy logs can be dangerous, however, if your truck isn’t well maintained. Timber is a heavy and potentially lethal load, so it’s crucial that you keep up on your logging truck maintenance and repair in Lexington, OR. In addition, your fleet and drivers will be subject to random inspections while on the road—don’t risk fines, fees or delays.

Here’s an overview of logging truck maintenance. Although you can perform some of these tasks yourself, it’s smart to have a professional team like Bailey Heavy Equipment Repair, Inc. perform your regular maintenance and repairs.


Have your drivers keep an eye out for warning signs like loss of power, a decrease in oil pressure or smoking. In addition to being a good indicator your vehicle may be overdue for regular maintenance, these can indicate that your engine is about to fail. Your maintenance provider can do compression checks, monitoring the engine and coolant temperature and keeping an eye on oil pressure. They’ll also check all the engine components to ensure safe operation.


Brakes are critical to safety, so make a regular brake maintenance schedule. Replacing brake pads, fluid, drums, springs and pins are all necessary from time to time. Be sure to keep good records of when each component was last checked and replaced—it could save you from liability should an accident occur.


Oregon’s rainy weather can lead to body corrosion. First, wash your truck at least once every 10 days. If you see any chips in the paint, address them immediately—that’s where rust and corrosion are most likely to begin. Keep locks and handles lubricated with WD-40 to improve function and prevent further corrosion.

Electrical systems

Modern trucks use complex electrical systems to keep each component running. Working with a professional company allows you to have these systems checked on a regular basis, by experts who know what to watch out for and how to repair any issues that arise.


Lubricating components like your engine, drivetrain, suspension and steering keeps your logging trucks from overheating. It’ll also prevent grinding and excessive wear and tear. Make lubricating moving parts a regular part of your maintenance plan.

Fluids and filters

Like any vehicle, checking and changing the fluids and filters regularly keeps your logging truck running smoothly, no matter how many mountains you drive up and down. Your maintenance company will be able to suggest the right frequency for your specific equipment.

Other components

Finally, have your maintenance company inspect and repair any safety equipment like belts, cords and other logging security measures. Train your drivers to note any issues during their pre- and post-trip inspections so you have a full list of what needs attention, in addition to regular maintenance.

Staying on top of your logging truck maintenance and repair is key in Lexington, OR. To work out a regular maintenance plan, get in touch with the experts at Bailey Heavy Equipment Repair, Inc. today.