The Benefits of Hydraulic Hose Maintenance

A hydraulic hose is critical for ensuring your machinery works as designed. The hose helps to provide the leverage needed to make heavy mechanical systems work.

Like virtually all components of modern machinery, a hydraulic hose does not last forever. You might wonder: Why perform hydraulic hose maintenance? The following should answer that question.

Make Your Equipment Last Longer

Maintaining hydraulic lines helps to ensure your equipment will work well and last as long as possible. Hydraulic systems put relatively little wear and tear on heavy equipment while greatly enabling your equipment to perform more work. When your hydraulic lines are in good condition, so is your heavy equipment.

Safety Benefits of Hydraulic Hoes Maintenance

A hydraulic line failure could be very serious and highly dangerous for workers. A sudden failure might cause your heavy equipment to drop a heavy load that could land on one or more workers or damage other equipment. A bad hydraulic hose also might leak fluid that might cause one or more workers to slip, fall, and suffer an injury.

Prevent Fire Hazards

Hydraulic fluid is flammable and could cause a flash fire if a hose were to fail and leak fluid. The fluid might leak onto an exhaust manifold, electrical wires, or maybe just a piece of equipment that occasionally causes sparks.

Just one ignition source might cause a catastrophic fire. Regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs as needed will help to ensure your hydraulic system is fully contained and will not cause a fire or any other problems.

Stop Air and Water From Entering the System

When air gets into a hydraulic system, it weakens the hydraulics and could render the system useless. That is because the air compresses instead of sending the pressure within the system to where it is supposed to go.

Poorly maintained hydraulic lines might develop hairline cracks and weakened connectors that enable air to enter the system. It also could let moisture collect and reduce the effectiveness of the hydraulic system.

Maintain Productivity Throughout the Work Day

When you have good hydraulics, your heavy equipment is less likely to fail. A good hydraulic system will enable your workers to keep doing their jobs while getting the most work done each day.

Bleeding the hydraulic lines after checking them for cracking, splitting, and other defects will help to make it work as well as possible and keep your worksite as productive as possible.

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