The Future of Lowboy Hauling

When a very heavy or oversized load needs to go from point A to point B, a lowboy trailer often gets the job done. The lowboy trailer is the workhorse of heavy hauling over the road.

As the name suggests, a lowboy trailer is very low to the ground to enable it to carry heavy equipment, large construction pieces, or maybe a manufactured home to an intended location. The following gives you a better understanding of lowboy hauling and where it is heading in the near future.

Various Types of Lowboy Rigs

Lowboy trailers generally are made from either aluminum or steel. An aluminum lowboy has a lighter weight but lacks the strength of a steel rig. Aluminum lowboy rigs are used for lighter loads, while steel versions handle the heavier cargo.

Lowboy rigs come in three types based on how they hook up to the tractor. The three types of lowboy rigs are the following:

  • Fixed-gooseneck lowboy
  • Removable gooseneck lowboy
  • Fixed-neck lowboy

A fixed gooseneck is relatively light and has a fixed gooseneck that could make it more difficult for trailer hookups. The removable gooseneck is easier to hook up because you can raise or lower the gooseneck with hydraulic power.

A fixed-neck lowboy is not as tall as a fixed gooseneck but shares its loading difficulties. You cannot load the trailer from the front with the fixed neck, but it is the lightest of the bunch.

Additional developments make it possible for various lowboy rigs to expand lengthwise and support loads of varying sizes. That kind of adaptability enables them to haul a greater variety of loads with different sizes and shapes.

Benefits of Lowboy Hauling

The general configuration of a lowboy rig is very low and very wide. The low profile enables the rig to carry taller loads than a traditional flatbed trailer. Many types of heavy equipment and oversized cargo cannot fit onto a standard trailer.

Multiple axles with very wide tires also enable lowboy hauling of very heavy cargo. Several axles in the rear and on the front of the lowboy rig enable it to spread out the weight and enable some lowboy rigs to haul up to 70,000 pounds.

A lowboy trailer uses tires that are either tubeless or that contain inflatable tubes. Tires with tubes are air-adjustable and better suited for hauling heavier loads than tubeless tires. Unfortunately, the tubes are more prone to blowouts and cause the tire to have a shorter service life than tubeless tires.

The options for tires help to make lowboy rigs more adaptable to loads of various sizes and weights. Because they do not haul standardized loads, the more options you have, the better.