How To Choose the Right Lowboy Hauler for Your Needs

Different types of lowboy trailers are currently on the market. People can choose the right lowboy hauler that meets their specific needs with a little help. Here are different types of lowboy trailers. Selection tips for lowboy trailers can ensure success, as well.

1. Consider the Size of the Equipment

Usually, the size of your equipment is one of the critical factors that you must consider when choosing a lowboy hauler. Remember that this type of trailer comes in different sizes and capacities. Therefore, you must ensure that the one you select can accommodate your heavy equipment. You don’t want to hire a lowboy hauler only to realize that it can’t carry your equipment. This will end up wasting your time and resources.

2. Check the Axles

When it comes to lowboy trailers, you’ll find that they come with different axle numbers. Some have three, while others have four or even more. The number of axles also determines the capacity and stability of the trailer. That’s why it would be best to choose a lowboy hauler with more axles, as it can carry more weight and is also stable. Work with an experienced lowboy hauler to help you make the right decision.

3. Inquire About the Deck Height

The height of the lowboy’s deck is another aspect you should never ignore. Remember that this determines how your equipment will be loaded on the trailer. A hauler with a taller deck is ideal as it will make it easier to load and unload the equipment. Ensure that the height is right to avoid loading and unloading difficulties.

4. Inspect the Suspension System

The lowboy’s suspension system is another critical element you must inspect before purchasing. This type of trailer carries heavy equipment, so it needs a robust suspension system. If the suspension system is not up to the task, it will eventually break down, costing you a lot of money in repairs. Therefore, ensure the suspension system is in excellent condition before purchasing.

5. Check the Length of the Trailer

When dealing with a long load, you must be very careful when choosing a lowboy hauler. That’s because you might end up causing some serious accidents if you’re not keen enough. The worst thing is that you might even end up damaging your equipment. Therefore, make sure you choose a lowboy hauler long enough to accommodate your load. You can always consult an expert if you’re unsure about the right length for your needs.


Hiring the right lowboy hauler is essential to transport your equipment safely. It comes in different sizes and capacities. Therefore, you must ensure that the one you select can accommodate your heavy equipment. You must also inspect the suspension system and the trailer length before purchasing. Contact Bailey Heavy Equipment Repair, Inc. for all your lowboy hauler needs. We’re always available to help you make the right decision.