Popular Farmer Implements to Boost Your Productivity

Over the years, there have been a lot of technological advancements in farming. Several farm implements have been innovated to reduce manual labor on farms, increase efficiency and productivity. The use of these implements also helps in money-saving. If you are asking, "What are good implements for a farm?", read on to learn some of them. 


A tractor is a farm implement used to pull various attachments used on a farm. Tractors are available in different types and sizes. These include two-wheel tractors and tracked tractors. 


A plow is used to loosen the soil before planting or seeding. Plows drag behind a tractor and are often used in the first step of planting. There are two common types of plows: the disc plow and the moldboard plow. 


A harrow is used to agitate the soil further after plowing. This helps break down soil clumps, level the soil surface and redistribute weed residue. A harrow can also be used to distribute fertilizers and manure. There are several types of harrows, including spring harrows, chain harrows, disc harrows and roller harrows. 


A trolley is also one of the farm implements that will help boost productivity. It is used to transport various goods on the farm, such as machinery and feed. 


Rakes are crucial for farmers who make hay. There are several types of rakes, including wheel rakes, rotary rakes and belt rakes. They are usually attached to a tractor.


A planter is a farm implement used for sowing seeds in a row. It is usually attached to a tractor. 


A sprayer is used to spray fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides on crops. There are several types of sprayers, including knapsack sprayers, orchard sprayers, HTP sprayers and portable power sprayers. Some sprayers can also be used to water a farm. The farm implement is also attached to a tractor.


A thresher is used for separating grains from husks and stalks.

Seed Drill

A seed drill is used to place seeds in a furrow in a continuous flow. A seed drill ensures that seeds are placed uniformly and covered by the soil properly. 


A baler is used to collect corn stalks, hay and straw. A baler is usually attached to a tractor and wraps the collected materials into bales. There are three types of balers: square balers, large square balers and round balers. 

Manure Spreader

A manure spreader is used for distributing manure over a field. It is also known as a honey wagon and muck spreader. 


A cultipacker is used to crush dirt clods, remove air pockets, press down stones and form a smooth seedbed. 

Broadcast Seeder

A broadcast seeder is used for spreading seed, fertilizer or lime. 


A mower is used to cut grass or herbage crops. Mowers can be manually operated, animal-driven or power-operated. 

Post Hole Digger

A post hole digger is an agricultural implement used to make holes to grow plants. It can also be used to install a fence around a field. 

If you have been wondering, "What are good farm implements for productivity?", then you have the answer. These implements will also make your work easy and increase your profits.