What Is Mobile Welding?

Welding is a fascinating and essential process for many businesses and companies. When something large breaks like a piece of machinery, it can be next to impossible to get it to the shop for repairs. That is where mobile welding comes in. This process makes repairs safer, easier and faster and can truly help any business.

How Does Mobile Welding Work? Mobile Welding Explained

In most cases, when we think about what does mobile welding mean, we can come up with a straightforward answer. A mobile welder is not tied down to a shop or a central location and can travel to worksites and other companies to help weld and repair items. Though this is a simple answer, they are so much more.

Mobile welders are most often a company that hires welders that have the skill to go to different worksites and work on a huge range of items, materials, and machinery to weld and repair it on the spot. A company like Bailey Heavy Equipment Repair hires welders with the experience and the know-how to work on a wide range of welds, materials, and machinery to serve customers.

A mobile welder is a huge asset, especially to those companies that have projects to be welded that are simply too large, heavy, or expensive to have shipped off to a workshop for repairs. Mobile welders have equipment that can travel with them to the area where the repair needs to be made.

Why Are Mobile Welders so Beneficial?

Mobile welding companies are a huge boon to any business or company that has large equipment, tight deadlines, or that simply cannot get their machinery or other items to a shop for repair. A great example would be a construction site with a large piece of equipment like a backhoe on site. The backhoe operator is working and doing a fine job and the arm becomes damaged. This piece of machinery weighs tens of thousands of pounds, meaning you’ll need a large flatbed to move it.

Mobile welders do a ton of different jobs on site. It will cost thousands to have large machinery shipped to a workshop for repair, and it will also delay the project greatly, costing more money on top of repairs and shipping costs. A mobile welder can bring their expertise and their equipment with them to the worksite, repair the backhoe on site for the cost of their travel and time, and get the project back on track.

Mobile welders take the very difficult and technical job of welding from the workshop where they are tied, to the field where they can do more good and can take on even more projects. A mobile welder is a fantastic professional, and having a trusted welding company can make choosing a mobile weld over shipping your items an easy choice.