Lowboy Hauling

Need to get your equipment back to our shop for repairs? Bailey Heavy Equipment Repair, Inc. is pleased to offer owners the convenience of lowboy hauling in Lexington, OR, to ensure their equipment is transported safely. Our drivers are experienced heavy equipment haulers with a great track record of safety, and will make sure your equipment is given the utmost attention from the moment it’s picked up to the moment we return it to you.

Lowboy Truck

Heavy Equipment Hauling

From excavators to tractors and anything else that might not be road-safe or road-ready, we’re the authority on heavy equipment hauling. Our lowboy and step-deck trailers can accommodate equipment of all sizes. We’re licensed and insured to haul your equipment and we always take the utmost care in doing so. Our team coordinates the logistics of lowboy hauling so you don’t need to worry about anything but the bill.

Safety, From Load to Unload

Safety is paramount when hauling heavy equipment, and our drivers always have it top-of-mind. From securing tie-downs and ratchet straps to proper anchoring and mindfulness of mass, we follow safety protocols and best practices to the letter as we load up and transport your equipment. When we hit the road, rest assured we’re observing all the regulations and practices for heavy equipment transport, so your assets make it to their destination without any trouble. And, when it comes to delivering them back to you, expect them to arrive in better condition when they left!

Choose Experienced Lowboy Haulers

If you need heavy equipment transported in Lexington, OR, choose Bailey Heavy Equipment Repair, Inc. Our experience with lowboy hauling and heavy equipment handling has made us a trusted provider of transportation services. We’ll get your vehicles from the jobsite to our shop and back again safely. Call 541-989-8505 today to schedule service.